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5 tips to make your bed

Change and make your bed in 5 steps

For many people, sleeping in a clean bed is still one of the most blissful moments of the day. But making one's bed can lead to frustration for many people. Below we explain how to do this in the most efficient way. Try to wash sheets, bed linen and pillowcases at 60°C at least every two weeks. Preferably hang them out to dry on a washing line during dry weather. It's best to wash your pillow two times a year as well. Check the washing instructions to see if your pillow can take this treatment.

Thanks to these five steps, it has never been easier to make your bed:

  1. First remove the pillowcase, fitted sheet and cover from your duvet. Throw them in the laundry basket.
  2. Put the clean fitted sheet around your mattress. You may have to lift the corners of your mattress.
  3. Put the duvet cover around the duvet
    • Make sure your duvet cover is inside out.
    • Put your arms inside and grasp the two corners of the short side of the duvet cover with your hands.
    • Now grasp the two corners of the duvet with both hands.
    • Hold the duvet up and shake it so that the cover falls completely over the duvet.
  4. Put the duvet on top of your bed and put the end under your mattress.
  5. Put the pillowcase back over your pillow and fluff them a bit before putting them back on the bed.

Feem tip: To protect your mattress and pillow, it is advisable to use a molton fitted sheet. A molton absorbs body fluids and thus prevents the spread of bacteria on the mattress. This fitted sheet can easily be washed in the washing machine and should be washed at a minimum of 60°C every two months.

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