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Feem in brief

A miracle since 1998

About us
Feem exists for almost 20 years. It was first released by Aster Fransen and Eddy Van Muylder in 1998 and was an immidiate hit on markets, fairs and tv shopping channels. The product was known as Feem Super Degreaser, but this became Feem Active Cleaner in 2017 with a completely new, modern look and feeling. Since then, Victor and Luc have joined the team.

Feem means quality and fantastic results. An excellent service and the correct client approach create a special experience for the client. That way, we bring a new kind of dynamism, attuned to today’s wishes and needs of our retail customers as well as the final customer.

Sustainable business practices

Ever since we created Feem, we genuinely care about the environment. Cleaning healthily is therefore one of our top priorities. That’s why Feem places a user-friendly cleaning product on the market with which all imaginable cleaning tasks can be fulfilled. That makes a cupboard full of different products unnecessary and it will save you a lot of money too. Because of the large value packs and because we don’t add perfume and colouring agents to the product, we try to contribute to a cleaner environment

‘We want an optimal cleaning result with as much respect for the environment as possible.’