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Guy Delforge, Wilrijk

Guy Delforge, Wilrijk

We recorded a sound clip of our satisfied customer Guy, where he answers the following 4 questions:

  1. Why are you so satisfied with Feem?
  2. What do you mainly use the product for?
  3. What are Feem’s big advantages?
  4. Have you got some tips that you can give our other clients?

Read Guy's answer:

'Because Feem is very degreasing, it removes nicotine, grease from the damper, … It’s a very good product for the kitchen cupboards, it’s awesome. I use it for the damper, in the kitchen, everything that’s greasy. I spray Feem on, let it absorb, go over it with a wet cloth, afterwards with a dry cloth and the grease is gone. I got the know it on the market and think it’s a very effective product. Especially for nicotine: when you smoke inside and you spray Feem on the cupboards, you just see it dripping of. Feem is the product, the rest is all marketing. Buy, don’t hesitate, buy, buy, buy!'

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