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Feem fans

Discover the tips and experiences of our loyal customers

  • Paula Verschueren, Kontich play
    I use Feem for more than 20 years already. I can use it for everything and it’s all clean. You spray, a wet cloth and it’s all right. That’s how it is supposed to be, you should not be a slave of your house. I really use it for everything: for the floor, for the kitchen, in the bathroom, for my windows, on shirts, on collars and even outside for my roof gutters. The big advantage is that I can get a large canister and can fill my bottles. Otherwise it’s all gone in no time, because of the fact I use it for everything. I can only recommend one thing when people come and ask me ‘what do you clean with?’ And I say ‘Well, with Feem!’

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  • Carine Kestelier, Sint-Lievens-Houtem play
    I’m Carine, I live in Sint-Lievens-Houtem, and I use Feem for more than 20 years. I got to know Feem on a market. People where testing it, I took a sample, a little canister. I tried it and was very satisfied with it. And then I kept on ordering it through the website. I really use Feem for everything. Mainly to degrease my kitchen top. To get stains out of my carpet. I had a very big stain on my carpet, I used a big machine to clean it, I didn’t get it out, than sprayed Feem on it, rubbed it in and the stain was gone. I was satisfied that I didn’t have to throw my carpet away, and that it’s now back in the living room.It’s really a product that suits everyone and everything. Clothes, spray a bit of Feem on them and put them in the washing machine, the stain will get out. You can even clean your deep fryer with it.The advantages are mainly: I can use it in a spray bottle, I have the big canisters and I have it in a litre bottle. So, I can fill it up from the big one to the smaller one. It can be really used for everything.

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  • Heidi and Kristin, Kalmthout play
    We use Feem for more than 16 years already. We saw it for the first time in Hoboken, on a market. ‘That’s a good product’ he said, ‘You have to try it.’ Why? Because it works very well! I used to spend hours to clean my deep fryer and now with Feem, it’s fun! Just like the advertisements, you rub and the dirt is gone. We use it for the floor, for washing the fridge, the cupboards, the deep fryer, the car, everything. The windows, the bathroom, really everything. The big advantages? There are but advantages. Don’t ask me the negative points because I can’t say that either, it’s all positive. My tip: Don’t watch the advertisement of another product and try the product for yourself first. Than you can see how good the result is. It’s not chemical either, it’s not hazardous for animals or yourself when you breathe it in, it doesn’t do any harm. Otherwise, I wouldn’t use it in my deep fryer, would I!

You can find the video from Heidi & Kristin here

  • Gylberte Ysenbaardt, Antwerp play
    I’m Gilberte, from Antwerp and I use Feem for 12 years already. I bought it on the market in Boom, I went to the market with my daughter and saw it there for the first time. And I’ve used it and kept on using it. It cleans, does what it promises. It doesn’t harm the environment, so that’s a huge plus for me. Mainly for the deep fryer, to clean the moss on the walls in the garden, to scour the terrace after the winter. In the kitchen, to clean my whole chrome stove. It’s not a corrosive product. It doesn’t irritate your eyes. Normally I get all kinds of skin allergies, but not from Feem. I have recommended Feem to my daughters and they use it now as well.

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  • Cécile Dendauw, Damme play
    I’m Cécile Dendauw from Damme and use Feem for 9 to 10 years already. I saw it for the first time when passing Blokker and use it in my kitchen, all surfaces, even surfaces, kitchen doors, handles that you always grab, the fridge. I even use it on fabric, a grease stain on my scarf. Feem on a cloth, you wipe and it’s gone, just like that. I do that every week. And that’s fine, I’m very satisfied with it. I have never had a better product and I would recommend it to everyone. I have given it to a lot of my friends. All of my friends have it, so because of me. And they tell their children. So, that’s good advertisement, isn’t it? When something is good, it is good. You should remember that. It’s a miracle, it’s a fantastic product.

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  • Paul Knops, Blaasveld play
    I’m Paul Knops, I’m a resident in Blaasveld and I use Feem for more than 20 years already. Where do I use Feem? In the kitchen, that starts in the morning by cleaning the glasses. It’s ideal to clean walls, actually for floors as well. Feem is a daily product for me. I have a spray canister in 2 rooms. That’s a diluted one, half water, in the kitchen. And a concentrated one in the garage. For me the biggest advantage is that I can use it for everything, because I don’t live that big. And if I should buy a product for everything, my house would be full of spray bottles. A lot of products are very aggressive to the hands and I have sensitive skin. And I don’t have a problem with this product. You should only get one product at home, and when you are smart, you take a canister, a 1 litre bottle for example and two spray bottles. You fill the spray bottles with the 1 litre canister and you dilute it individually. And if you want to get some in a bucket, you can take a litre bottle, when that bottle is empty, you fill it up from the canister.

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  • Christiane Vervoort, Merksplas play
    I’m Chris from Merksplas and I use Feem for at least 5 years already. I got to know Feem through a neighbour. The neighbour had bought it on the market. And that’s some time ago already. Actually, I use it for my blinds. Rub it in, let it absorb, we rinse it off and don’t do anything more. It’s real, like a puff of smoke. Our garden furniture as well. Feem’s big advantage is that you don’t have to use a lot and that you see immediate results. And that’s the most important thing. And it’s not that expensive either, it’s actually very cheap. I think everyone should have to try it. Because when you don’t try it, you don’t know it and we can say whatever we want but I’ve experienced it myself. So, I would say ‘Do it guys!’.

Watch the video from Christiane in her Bed & Breakfast here


  • Corry Monsecour, Lede play
    I use Feem for more than 10 years already. I saw it for the first time on television. I followed the program daily and thought ‘That seems like a good product’ and I ordered it. I use it for my car, for stains on cloths, sometimes I wash the granite. For a lot of stuff. It doesn’t take away the colour. You can use it for everything. A good product.

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  • Amaat De Vos, Oudenaarde play
    I bought it on the market in Oudenaarde. I like walking on the market, I thought it looked good. And then I try it when it’s good, and I use it for 24 years already now. Because it degreases completely, and if I clean my kitchen with regular detergents, I would get streaks and I would have to rinse. That doesn’t have to happen with Feem, I just get over everything with Feem and all the grease is gone. So, that’s beautiful. Every week, the kitchen is cleaned, all cupboards, the cooking island, with Feem. It’s the best product that I can use in the kitchen. When you use it, you don’t have to rinse with a sponge. I regularly give a bottle to my daughter in Paris and in Ghent as well, to clean their kitchen. Use it in your kitchen because you don’t want to use any other product. Maybe there are people saying ‘I have never used it’, well, let them try it, they will be convinced.

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  • Louis Metzger, Stabroek play
    I use Feem for 10 years already. It’s been a long time since we got to know it. I don’t know where it was anymore, on the market? But we got to know it somewhere. We took it with us, used it and it worked very well. The sides of the deep fryer, no problem. Splashes on the kitchen wall: when we bake, everything just splashes, that’s a shiny wall, when you sit on the table, you sometimes see grease stains, but you get them off immediately with Feem. We use it most of the time to degrease, but I can also see some stubborn stains. They could be on the floor or anywhere, garden furniture. When I use Feem, the stains come right off. Let’s see it’s a miracle worker. When it doesn’t go away, spray Feem and it goes away. You only need one spray bottle to do a lot, you don’t need 12 spray bottles at home. It’s so easy to use that I can’t really tell you anything else. You use it and it works.

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  • Johan Stamper, Ieper play
    I am Johan Stamper, I use Feem for 6 – 7 years already and I’m very satisfied with it. I got to know it through the internet. I looked on Google and I saw it, it seemed interesting, to degrease. And that’s how I got on your website. And I have been enjoying it for years already. I use it to degrease a lot of things, such as the deep fryer. When I change the oil, to get it completely clean. Because it degreases superfast and you have to use just a bit in fact. Spray a few times with the spray bottle and you see the grease dissolving and dripping off. You actually don’t need a lot. You can use it for everything, for degreasing, everything that has to do with grease. ‘Use Feem!’, I say.

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  • Lena Piessens, Buggenhout play
    I use my bottle of Feem for more than 20 years already and I wouldn’t want to miss it. I got to know it through teleshopping on TV! I’ve watched it a couple of times and I started ordering FEem. And it was so good I even convinced all my colleagues. And they use it too now. Even at my job, where they couldn’t get the most stubborn stains out with their super products, they started using Feem. And they have been using it for 15 years already. So, there is no better advertisement. First and foremost, I use it for the windows, in diluted form. For stains on the carpet, because we have a dog. So, I use it for everything, for everything, even for cloths. Degrease furniture, for stubborn stains on for example the carpets. Because it gives great results. On the first sight, it is not cheap, but it is cheap because you can do so many things with it in comparison with other products. Yes, you have the canister itself, but you can do so much with it. I wouldn’t want to miss it. My advice is that everyone should try it. Because when you see the bottle you don’t know what it is. But by using it and try it on different things, you discover how great the product is. I have been telling people for 20 years already. It’s like that, when it’s a good product, it should be said.

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  • Roza Raymakers, Café Tilt play
    I’m Roza Raymakers from Bar Tilt in Mechelen and I use Feem for at least 15 years. I saw it on the market, and on TV. I buy it because you can use it for everything, even to clean your glasses. I would recommend everyone to use it at home, because it isn’t that expensive and it can serve every purpose.

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  • Eliane Vos, Berchem play
    I’m Eliane Vos, from Berchem and I use Feem for 15 to 20 years already. I first saw it on the market, here on the Zillebekelaan. It cleans very well, it degreases, it’s streak free. And I can do everything with it. Wooden ceilings, plastic walls, wooden walls, cupboards, crystal, everything. In the whole house. Everything, everything, everything. Degreasing, cleaning without streaks. That’s really important, without streaks! It’s a good and economical product. Price-quality wise, you won’t lose a lot.

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  • Jeannine Lanckman, Deurne play
    I’m Jeannine, the hairdresser from Deurne, and I use Feem for 17 years already. I got to know Feem at the market, some years ago. It doesn’t leave a smell. I can’t stand the smell that other cleaning products have. Actually, is use it for everything, except for bathing my dog. One time diluted, the other time pure. Clean the kitchen and ceilings, pure. Diluted for the floors, couches, everything. You immediately see I’ve cleaned. I would use it for everything. When it must be clean, it’s clean with Feem. And that’s it. Very simple.

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  • André De Velder, Buggenhout geluid
    That’s no problem for me, you know how I think about Feem, don’t you? I would go through fire for Feem. I’m a very involved user. I’ll actually defend Feem till the end, because I would add it to my soup, so to speak. I really do everything with it and I don’t use any other products anymore. Feem is the solution for all the work I have to do. It’s a sustainable product and it’s not harmful for nature. The product is a bit more expensive than other products at first sight but that’s not really like that because you can use it for much longer. I do everything with it, even furniture, degreasing the coffee table and scrubbing afterwards, clothing, … You can’t sum up the things I use it for. I just use it for everything. I used to have a crystal chandelier and I bought expensive bottles to clean it. I didn’t find these bottles in the store anymore after a while and I tried using Feem and sprayed it on it. The dirt came right off and the chandelier shone as never before. I actually can’t tell you what I don’t use Feem for: for stains, red wine on the carpet, … You get everything out with it, that’s no problem. It’s a product I can’t compare to other products. My sun even calls me Ms Feem and has already asked me why I don’t work for Feem.

  • Christiane Vercaemer, Rollegem geluid
    Everything that’s greasy like the damper, deep fryer, stains in the sink, … is gone in a minute. I spray it on it, take a wet cloth and the dirt is gone. That’s something I had never experienced before, such a good product. I’m not going to lie about that, it’s good merchandise. I use it on the damper, deep fryer, everything that’s greasy and it’s gone in no time. I used to work in a school in Rollegem and there was a big deep fryer in the kitchen that was very greasy. I said: ‘No problem, I’ll take Feem tomorrow afternoon.’ I’ve cleaned it twice and it was completely clean. It’s really good. I can recommend it to everyone. I’ve already given a 5 litres canister to my neighbour, who’s a dentist. She thought it was a very good product. I often tell other people about it and everyone is satisfied with it.

  • Daisy Thouet, Knokke-Heist geluid
    Because you don’t need other products anymore and it’s good for everything, because I even use it in the washing machine. It degreases the whole drum of the machine; I’ve discovered that already and it’s awesome. You never have to use a lot, just a little cap. I use it for everything: bathroom, toilet, the floor, the doors, the kitchen, really everything. There is nothing you can’t use it for, even to clean the TV-screen. And the product degreases the windows very well as well, but you only need to add a little bit. It degreases the plastic windows very well. We’re definitely going to keep ordering Feem, there’s no doubt. The product is good for everything. I have given a bit to my friend already and she cleaned her car with it.

  • Etienne Vincke, Sint-Amandsberg geluid
    I use Feem for everything and it doesn’t leave traces. On fridges, wooden doors, painted doors, … Everything I can’t get off with regular products, I use Feem for, it’s as easy as that. The biggest advantage for me is the result, it’s that simple. There’s not much more to say. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s the best!

  • Georgette Verhulst, Sint-Amandsberg geluid
    Feem’s big advantage is that I can use it for almost everything. I’ve tried other products as well, but I bought Feem once and I use it for everything now. I even dare to clean stains of the dog and stains on the walls and you can get it all off. It’s best to use it diluted, with a cloth. Just spray it on and for the fridge as well. I use it for almost everything. When you say: ‘I use a degreaser’, that’s what I use it for. For example, we have a trailer and I always take my bottle of Feem with me. I clean it all with Feem, everything. Inside, outside, whoop! And it degreases very well. It’s better than any other degreaser. A while back I said to my husband: ‘My canister is almost empty’. I once bought 2 or 3 canisters at the same time. I got to know it through tv, the only thing I ever bought through teleshopping, all the other things are junk or misleading advertisement. I was extremely satisfied with Feem from the first moment. I believe I even bought large quantities through teleshopping twice. If it’s a good product, we want to cooperate to it, otherwise you would also know it fast.

  • Frank Mathijs, Kerksken geluid
    Just because Feem is a fantastic product, it’s simple, you only need one product for everything. I can explain you why as well: I’m early on pension and my wife still works and that’s why I try to do as much of the household as possible (cleaning I mean). But I’m a man and I clean like a man. But that’s where Feem comes in, my partner in crime! And because I use Feem constantly I don’t have do a lot of effort while cleaning. It’s such a fantastic product, you spray it in, wet cloth and everything is clean. I use it for our 2 dog baskets, the countertops, the oven, deep fryer, nicotine of the PVC-doors, … With another product, it’s only clean on the surface, but you can see what comes of the PVC with Feem. It’s white PVC and it’s as popping as it used to be, because of Feem! One product, don’t use a lot, for everything. That’s Feem’s big advantage, there’s nothing more to that. It’s the product! Feem sells itself.

  • Guy Delforge, Wilrijk geluid
    Because Feem is very degreasing, it removes nicotine, grease from the damper, … It’s a very good product for the kitchen cupboards, it’s awesome. I use it for the damper, in the kitchen, everything that’s greasy. I spray Feem on, let it absorb, go over it with a wet cloth, afterwards with a dry cloth and the grease is gone. I got the know it on the market and think it’s a very effective product. Especially for nicotine: when you smoke inside and you spray Feem on the cupboards, you just see it dripping of. Feem is the product, the rest is all marketing. Buy, don’t hesitate, buy, buy, buy!

  • Hilda Van Bogaert, Temse geluid
    Because it’s good for everything, like the collar of a jacket, grease stain on a pants, … put some Feem on it and it’s gone. I use it for everything. My car’s wheels are dirty: just a bit of Feem, then some water and the dirt is all gone. I use it for the oven, the deep fryer, the windows and mirrors, … Actually, everything that needs to be degreased or just cleaned. You only need a little bit and it doesn’t smell when you clean your windows with it. I think it’s good for everything, you’ll never have stains anymore with Feem. When you have a stain on a woollen skirt: spray some Feem on it, wash it out and it’s clean. The same goes for a fabric couch, it’s cleaned in a jiffy. I use it for everything. It’s expensive in price, but because you only need a little bit, it’s actually very cheap. You absolutely get value for your money. Certainly when you buy a 5 litres canister, it’s very cheap! They sell it in a lot of stores and I would recommend it to everyone.

  • Kris Bal, Hoboken geluid
    I’m so satisfied with Feem because you only need a bit of energy to get something really clean. Stains that don’t disappear with another product, go away with Feem when just whipping once. I use it for these things: degreasing the deep fryer, damper, but for example dirt or finger prints on white cupboards, doors, … as well. You can easily clean all of this with Feem. The big advantages: a little bit goes a long way; it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t burn your hands. In short, I think this is a miracle product. This product doesn’t need much energy to clean something in comparison with other products. It’s very easy. For example: some time ago, we had to clean the communal hall and white doors and this was done very fast because of Feem. I recommend it to everyone. A long time ago, my dad got to know it on the market; Afterwards I’ve bought large amounts of it through the website.

  • Magda Verbist, Deurne geluid
    Because the results are fine, I think that’s the most important part. I don’t use it for everything, but when there’s dirt or stains I can’t get off, Feem always helps! You don’t need a lot of it and it solves most problems. Relatively speaking, the price is okay! A little bit goes a long way with the product. Make sure you’ve always got Feem at home. If I hadn’t been satisfied, I wouldn’t have done this.

  • Marcel Slots, Ronse geluid
    I’m satisfied with Feem because I got to know it through an acquaintance and I got results that were even better than I would’ve ever hoped. I use it first and foremost for regular degreasing problems, but I use it for the metal filter of the damper as well, which the product degreases very well.

  • Martine Steurbaut, Nevele geluid
    I think it’s a very good product. In comparison with a lot of other kinds of products, you can use it for so much more. You almost don’t need anything else than Feem and it almost does all the work by itself. When you use the product and you spray something with it or dissolves it in water, you almost don’t have to do anything anymore or rub it in, it all just dissolves. I use it to degrease my deep fryer and that goes very well. All degreasing jobs. It’s also very good to wash everything off: cupboards, furniture, … Nicotine stains or certain stains in the garage get right off. Spray a bit of Feem and it’s gone. That’s what I like to use it for. You don’t have to use a lot; it does its job on its own. Maybe a bit of a disadvantage is the fact that you have to rinse, but you have to do this with any other product as well. Feem isn’t corrosive and doesn’t harm nature, it’s biodegradable. Feem doesn’t leave stripes. When you do something with another product and you use Feem afterwards, you can still see dirt coming of. Switch to Feem and use it, instead of all the other products that are maybe a bit cheaper but from which you need so much more. You feel that most of those products are corrosive to your hands and you don’t get the same results you get with Feem. I would recommend Feem to everyone and I’ve done that already as well!

  • Nicole De Vrieze, Ninove geluid
    Feem can be used for almost all tasks, for everything that’s dirty and greasy. Certainly when it’s very greasy like the top of kitchen cupboards or a stain, then I certainly use it and let it absorb. Feem doesn’t stain when you forget to rinse it. I use it for very many tasks, from the point I do something wrong. For example, to clean my reading glasses. First spray some Feem, then rinse under running water.

  • Paula Lodts, Edegem geluid
    Because you can use it for everything. I use it daily, three times a day, for my cat, for the greasy pots, the stove, the sink, really for everything. You can really clean everything with one bottle, you don’t need 4 or 5 different products. Tip: Buy the product! My daughter uses it as well; she has even used it in her apartment in Spain. She takes Feem to Spain.

  • Peter De Schepper, Denderleeuw geluid
    Feem just degreases very well. It’s a real miracle product for me. We are smokers and it’s ideal to clean for smokers. We even use it in the kitchen, a burned pan, just spray and let it absorb. For spring cleaning, dampers, … You don’t need a lot, just use it!

  • Willy Andries, Zemst geluid
    Because it degreases everything so well. When you can’t get off something with other products, you can get off with Feem. We are very satisfied about it for years and also promote it with our friends. We give them a canister so they can order themselves. We are very happy about it. I use it to degrease the damper, the oven, the car rims, … I can certainly sum up ten other things, but most of the time I use it for the damper or stains. A stain on clothes I can’t get off with other products, I can get off with Feem. The product’s big advantage is that it isn’t expensive. In relation to what you can use it for, it’s not expensive at all. Other products you buy and aren’t actually worth anything, can cost a lot of money, that’s what makes Feem the cheapest product you can get. It lasts us a long time; we can use it a long time.
  • Francine Smeers-Goorts, Diepenbeek
    I’m so pleased of Feem because everything I clean with it, becomes perfectly clean. This always gives a good feeling after cleaning. I haven’t had this with any other cleaning product. I use Feem for the kitchen cupboards, doors, everything in plastic, grease stains on textile and even the toys of my grandchild. And of course, you can also clean the cat flap so it always is spic-and-span. Except for the fact that it can clean every single thing, the product is biodegradable. It smells fresh and doesn’t have a heavy perfume smell. I have worked as a cleaning lady for several years and I had to use the products that were available there, I’ve really missed Feem at those moments.
  • Nadine Bontinck, Schellebelle
    Feem is a product that actually does what it promises. We used Feem in our butcher shop to clean our cutting machines and window and I now use it to remove fly faeces on windows and doors. I can clean these effortlessly.
  • Ingrid Verelst, Berchem
    Years ago, I stumbled upon Feem by chance during my shopping trip. Curiously thinking ‘this is the umpteenth product that promises these things, it will just fizzle out’ I bought a small canister. Ever since I use Feem for EVERYTHING: garden seats, kitchen, bathroom, window frames, doors, car (inside, outside, rims), bike, sport shoes, deep fryer and so on. Really, too many uses to sum up. It really cleans everything without leaving stripes, even better than promised in the advertisement.

    Feem is a real must-have at home, every product for everything and more can go into the trash can! It offers so many advantages that you won’t need any other cleaning products. I use Feem pure as well as diluted. Finally a product that doesn’t sell lies to the client and does what the manual/advertisement says. Just one call and it will be delivered in no time. I really recommend it to everyone!
  • André De Greef, Strombeek-Bever
    Feem really is a miracle product! Years ago, Feem was on the television and we thought ‘see it to believe it’. But the product is as efficient as people say, it’s a fantastic cleaning product. It’s good for the environment and it does exactly what it should do. It removes all the grease, the stains on inner doors, stains, … Let the product do its job for 2 to 3 minutes and you can really get everything clean. I use it for a whole lot of diferent things: stains on white clothing (let it absorb for a minute and put it in the washer), clean everything in the kitchen, the doors, cupboards inside and out, the kitchen and bathroom floor.

    Feem’s big advantage is that you only need a small amount and you don’t have to get other cleaning products at home. It’s only recommended to buy a descaling product, but Feem actually is everything you need for all the rest.
  • Greta Ronsse, Kluisbergen
    First and foremost, I’m very satisfied with Feem because it’s biodegradable and because it works very efficiently to clean stubborn dirt. The product works very thorough and gives the desired result fast, namely clean surfaces. I use Feem everywhere where there are stubborn stains as for example the damper, surfaces that haven’t been cleaned for a long time, when I disassemble machines, the spot where the cat’s food bowls are, the blinds…

    Greta’s tip: ‘Don’t hesitate to buy Feem because I can’t find any other similar product in the shops that cleans stubborn dirt that fast and efficient! Spray a few times on the dirty surface, rub, rinse and that’s it.’
  • Robert Meesschaert, Assebroek
    We think Feem cleans a lot of things very well and it’s an eco-friendly product as well. Despite it being able to solve a lot of problems, we use it as a super degreaser. There are cheaper products, but you have to use a lot of those and they don’t clean as thorough. Feem is a fine product for the best value for money. Honestly? You must get Feem at home! We are very satisfied customers.
  • Dirk Vervoort, Minderhout
    We use Feem to thoroughly clean the damper, damper filter, deep fryer, garden furniture and so forth for years already. The product works super degreasing, goes further than other degreasing products and a little goes a long way. The spray bottle is very convenient for dosing. Spray, let it absorb for stubborn dirt, clean and rinse. Feem can be used for various chores in which cleaning and degreasing are important.
  • Marc Hallemans, Keerbergen
    Feem is a very efficient degreaser. I mainly use it to clean my swimming pool (skimmer and liner), but also use it for different purposes at home and in the garden. The product is eco-friendly, not poisonous nor aggressive and can be used on all materials. Feem is a concentrated product and can be further diluted with water, without losing its powerful degreasing qualities. I can use a 5-litre canister a very long time. Read the brochure that you got with the product very well, you will be astonished about the number of applications you can use it for!
  • Hugo Lodts, Vorst-Laakdal
    To me, it’s a kind of all-in-one cleaner that can be used very easily. I mainly use Feem in the kitchen but in the bathroom and toilet as well. It’s also used very often to clean car rims; I recommend that as well (you don’t need any other product). Its major advantage mainly is the versatility in use and in the current society, this is the only effective eco-friendly product that is biodegradable as well. That’s certainly something to value! I can recommend this product for doing the entire household. It’s not very expensive and especially very eco-friendly to use.
  • Joke and Carlos Danckaert, Ertvelde
    We are especially pleased by Feem because it occurs daily that you have an annoying, greasy problem like the grills from the damper. What to do? Easy, take the grills out and put them on a flat surface. Spray Feem on both sides, after half an hour you can rinse with warm water and Bob’s your uncle.
    We also use Feem for the dish rack. These can become very dirty but you do the same thing as with the grills from the damper and they’re as good as new. For very dirty walls and cupboards (as in our case after moving) is this product the only solution. Feem is being used for cleaning car rims and grease from the car itself. Add some Feem, and your car will be clean in no time. Feem’s big advantage is that you should let the product do its job and meanwhile, you can do another job.
    Another tip I can give you is for stains on cloths, car seats and many other applications. They will disappear by using Feem. Another incredible thing is that you can clean the inside of your damper completely. You proceed as follows: Remove the hood, take it outside and spray the insides with Feem’s spray can. Let the product absorb well. After a while, you will see that the grease will loosen. After a delicious gourmet evening, there’ll be no more cleaning problems. When the tray has cooled down, as well as the grill from the electric barbecue and other table baking trays, you spray Feem and repeat it after a while. Cleaning a barbecue tray goes smoothly so you can clean all nooks and crannies without damaging the tray (I can come and show you) everything loosens when you spray Feem again. It’s really fun when you can see that everything is as good as new the day after using it, I find that ideal.
  • Germaine Van Aelst, Boom
    The product delivers very good result for the bathroom, the kitchen, the floors, etc. You can use it pure as well as diluted. Definitely recommended!
  • Kurt Knops, Heist-op-den-Berg
    I use Feem for years already. I got to know Feem through teleshopping. At first, my wife wasn’t all too happy about my purchase, until she saw the results. I mainly use the product to maintain my camper. After a winter in wind and rain, the black stripes and moss disappear like snow melting in the sun. Before, I did this with corrosive products that delivered the intended result but were extremely hazardous to the environment. In the kitchen, we use it for the heavy duties: deep fryer, damper filters, … Huge advantage: eco-friendly, super degreaser, super cleaner! Tip: Feem is a product that does what it promises!
  • Jacqueline Termote, Assebroek
    I use Feem for years already. I absolutely recommend it for greasy surfaces. I can’t imagine a better product to wash my PVC-ceiling in the kitchen and the damper. I spray Feem undilutedly on the surface to clean. I let it absorb for a minute and I the greasy layer comes right off.
  • Christine Wils, Antwerpen
    I would suggest that everybody uses Feem at home because it’s so versatile in use. In the first place, it’s a fine degreaser. Let the products absorb and wipe it off. But I also use it often on textile. To refresh my non-leather purses, to clean my table cloth with dirt resistant layer that I use daily with Feem from time to time, remove a stain from the sofa or carpet... It also works fine on plastics, like garden furniture. Moreover, it’s a gentle product, for the materials it’s being used on as well as the hands, without irritating chemical smell. Highly recommended!
  • Maria Van Pol, Maaseik
    Feem is fine product and works extremely well as a degreaser. You can clean everything with it and remove the grease. The children’s white shoes are as good as new in a jiffy. I literally use it for everything, I don’t even have other cleaning products at home. The empty spray bottles are very useful as you can refill them.
  • Marcel Vinckx, Poppel
    Feem cleans very thoroughly. When you clean with Feem, you actually see you’ve cleaned. Everything stays clean for longer. If you want to do something well, do it with Feem! I actually use the product for everything. Thoroughly clean the kitchen, and it will make a world of difference for the floor, cupboards, deep fryer, … The huge advantage is that a little goes a long way and that the result is still huge. Mrs Vinckx’s tip: Use Feem for everything, don’t be scared!
  • Vivienne Cooper, Antwerpen
    I can recommend Feem to everyone! I use the product for almost everything for years already: bathroom, kitchen cupboards, pvc windows and door frames, garden furniture, car, bicycles and so on. It’s very economical in use, you only need a little and while other products can be very aggressive, Feem doesn’t damage the materials. I use the spray bottle directly on surfaces to be cleaned or on the sponge or micro fibre cloth, you don’t need to rinse. White pvc and other white surfaces don’t become yellow as they do with other products and another bonus is that everything stays clean for longer.
  • Rita Asseman, Ieper
    I’m very satisfied with Feem, I really use it for everything. It’s very well to wash the grease of my kitchen. Actually, I clean so much with Feem that I can’t sum up all the applications for which I use it for, it’s simply awesome! Just spray and the dirt comes right off. It’s also a great product for pvc, I can’t miss it anymore and recommend it very much to everyone
  • Ive Compagnie, Heist-op den-Berg
    I’m very satisfied with Feem because the product does what it should to, namely degreasing and cleaning in all circumstances. I use Feem for degreasing my stove, damper, bathroom and even cleaning my car rims. Feem’s advantages are that afterwards, everything is clean and degreased. It’s a FANTASTIC product and I can recommend it to everyone. I use this product for 10 years already and I can’t live without this product anymore. You must get this at home and it will make other products unnecessary.
  • Bertrand De Rycke, Nazareth
    Feem is an eco-friendly product, a cleaner and strong degreaser that is biodegradable and benefits the environment. I mainly use Feem degreaser for:
           - Washing ceilings      
           - Cleaning damper
           - Cleaning plastic sink coating
           - Cleaning blinds
           - Cleaning sun resistant roof porch
           - Degreasing bicycle chain
           - And I really enjoy cleaning my car rims, it goes extremely well!

    Feem can be used on all surfaces, yes, even on fabric. Test Feem and you will not complain. A good product sells itself!
  • Rita Callebaut, Denderhoutem
    Feem is an extremely good product that I use in the bathroom, kitchen and for the floors and windows. You only need one product with Feem, while you otherwise need 3 or 4 different products and a full cupboard. I’m very satisfied with the product, I don’t want to use something else.
  • Jean Van der Heyden-Vander Cruys, Roosdaal
    We are very happy about Feem’s offer, it’s a very good degreasing product. I mainly use it to clean garden furniture, porch, pergola, car, sink, stove and so much more. I can also recommend the product for windows and mirrors because you get a fast result. I can just tell people who haven’t used Feem yet that they don’t have to hesitate to get this product at home and try it. The beautiful result will surprise them. Feem is economical and can be bought in a small and large canister. You can buy it in the retailer, namely in Blokker stores. I also recommend it for industrials.
  • Ivo Van Tricht, Zandhoven
    I’m really satisfied with Feem, because it’s the best all-in-one cleaner I know. The product really cleans everything down to the last detail. Feem works on almost every surface, from floors to cupboards, doors and even the washing machine. Furthermore, I’ve noticed that it isn’t only a very good all-in-one cleaner, but it’s also a descaler that works super-fast. The biggest advantage is that Feem’s an ecologic product and therefore safe for the hands and skin in general. To my knowledge there are few all-in-one cleaners that are ‘ecologic’! Another advantage is that is still powerful enough to clean when it’s diluted. I can really recommend Feem as the best all-in-one cleaner available on the market!
  • Rudy Langlois, Poperinge
    We are very happy about Feem because it’s a very good product. We use it for anything and everything (cleaning, doing the dishes, spring clean, and so on). The big advantages of Feem are that it doesn’t leave stripes and certainly no traces. We use it for years already and you can do everything with it.
  • Viviane Pauwels, Antwerpen
    Feem is easy to use, diluted with water as well as pure. It’s very friendly for the skin. It’s a super degreaser as well without being too aggressive. I use the product almost daily, mainly to clean my induction hot plate. Cleaning floors and bathroom also happens with Feem.
    - The microwave: spray a bit of diluted Feem, let it absorb and clean.
    - The counter: spray some Feem and clean.
    - Shirt’s collars: spray, let it absorb and put it in the washing machine

    It’s a good degreaser that isn’t aggressive for materials and for which you don’t need elbow grease. Just let it absorb for some time and clean is the message! When you have Feem at home, you only need few other cleaning supplies. Feem works!
  • Marina Huygen, Diepenbeek
    Feem is just a good product, it’s biodegradable and not harmful. I use it for everything: bathroom, kitchen, garage and outside. You only need one product, it’s not expensive and you can use it pure as well as diluted. Marina’s tip: ‘Just try it, whatever the problem, it really works!’
  • Lisiane Carpentier, Berendrecht
    I’m very satisfied with the product. If you use Feem for the nicotine on painted walls, it gets off just like that. It’s not only good for grease, but also for a lot of other things. For example, every morning we eat bacon, but this tends to fur. Use Feem on it and the grease really dissolves. It’s extremely efficient for the floors in the kitchen.I’m especially satisfied with Feem’s good service. Being friendly is really important to a client; I think it’s difficult to give a tip, everyone should try it out because the product is so good at so many things.

  • Gilbert Hellebooge, Boom
    ‘There’s no product that can match Feem. It’s the best cleaning product on the market.’ – A satisfied customer
  • Lambert Thijs, Lanaken
    I really do everything wit hit and use it for the damper, fridge, stove, deep fryer, … I’m so extremely satisfied about Feem. It takes the grease and washes the dirt away. Very economical in use, you only need a small amount. Not corrosive tot he hands and totally not aggressive.
  • Albert Wolfs, Kortenberg
    I don’t use any other product anymore, it’s awesome and I clean everything with it. Bike, car, damper, oven, stains on the floor, you name it. The product isn’t expensive because with 2 5 litre canisters, you can clean a few years and you don’t need any other cleaning products. Mrs Wolfs’ tip: ‘It’s amazing to clean the bath!’
  • Paula Trinquet
    I use it daily for anything and everything, you can’t actually name something you can’t use it for. We also clean the deep fryer, white clothes, car rims, caravan and the garbage bins. The big advantage is that you can remove all the grease with it, everything stays clean for longer.
  • Anne De Temmerman, Zottegem
    Feem is a powerful degreaser without damaging the materials you use it on. I’m very satisfied about Feem and mainly use it in the kitchen, but you can use it everywhere. Walls, tiles and garden furniture can be cleaned with it. A big advantage is that you can order through the website and it will be delivered for free at home as soon as you buy 2 canisters. Anne’s tip: ‘BUY!’
  • Francis Foque, Willebroek
    I think it’s a great degreaser that I use for anything and everything. In the kitchen, bathroom, car rims, deep fryer, damper and the ceilings as well. You should only put a little bit on the dirty surface, let it absorb and it will wipe away easily.
  • Annie Rambau, Putte
    I think Feem is a very good degreaser and use it for my damper and kitchen cupboards amongst others. Stains disappear easily. The advantage is that it’s almost odourless and eco-friendly.
  • Leo Loyens
    Very effective product with various uses among other things to clean ceilings and walls, car wheels, stains on clothes, household chores and so on. Above all it’s eco-friendly, I really recommend it.
  • Jean-Claude Vanhalst, Steenokkerzeel
    I’m Jean and I’ve used Feem for the first time to clean our damper. That went like clockwork: SUPER easy! Since then I use it on everything that’s greasy. It works fantastic to clean the deep fryer, but you should rinse well afterwards of course. I use it for the furniture in the kitchen to even a spot on the floor or wall. All the dirt disappears like snow in the sun. So, I’m a very happy customer.
  • Jan Hectors, Berchem
    My satisfaction about Feem is mainly due to its degreasing power, this without leaving stripes. I use it mainly where other products fail, most of the time, Feem will get it clean. I can’t name any disadvantages about the product. What I think is great, is that the product removes the black marks on our motorhome. The product does have the tendency to get soapy in the spray bottle. You can fix this by cleaning the nozzle from time to time.
  • Wim Van Overwaelle, Aalst
    Feem is a very good degreaser. We mainly use it to clean our car rims but it’s also good to clean the induction stove. The wonder tissues are also incredibly good.
  • Henri De Meuter, Lennik
    I think Feem is a very good degreaser and stain remover. I use it for a lot of things: clean and degrease the deep fryer, the oven, the damper, our cars’ aluminium wheels, stains on fabric, and so on. It gives great value for the price and we definitely recommend it!
  • Viviane Verdaet, Kessel
    I think Feem’s fantastic for cleaning painted ceilings, you can actually see the result! I use a small bucket of water with a large amount of Feem and a micro fibre sponge. Even nicotine stains get removed clearly and easily! When there have been made some grease stains on our terrace (barbecue) I spray a bit of pure Feem on it afterwards, I let it absorb and rinse with hot water. During our weekly clean, Feem is always within reach, but I never use the product pure. This eco-friendly cleaner works very efficiently!
  • Marc Van Steenwinckel, Kampenhout
    I mainly use Feem to degrease the damper filter. It cleans very powerfully and there’s no danger to the skin, no odour and above all, it’s biodegradable which means you can just pour it in the sink after use.
  • Erika Schouteden-Hrynczak, Houthalen
    When you use Feem, your grease problems will be solved in no time. When you spray your surfaces, you can let it absorb for a few minutes and you’re done. I use the product for the damper, grease stains on clothes, car rims, and so on. Feem is fast and efficient and definitely worth trying.
  • Anonymous, Antwerpen
    It’s a very good product I use for 20 years already, you can literally do everything with it. I use it to degrease and the deep fryer and clean the damper, the windows, white plastic from the front door. Even for stains on my whites. It’s a product that doesn’t damage and is eco-friendly. I can recommend everyone to use it.
  • Anonymous, Pulderbos
    I mainly use Feem to degrease the kitchen. There are also often stains on the inner doors. When I use Feem, I can clean those without any effort and I don’t have stripes afterwards. My husband mainly uses Feem for his car rims. Furthermore, I’m very satisfied with the delivery as well.
  • Anonymous, Schoten
    I’m very satisfied because it really degreases, except on sand-blasted glass what you actually can’t really degrease I think. I use Feem to keep kitchen cupboards clean. To clean the bathroom and all surfaces you would normally treat with all-in-one cleaner. Advantage: it works nicely, neutral smell, don’t need large quantity. Tip: Don’t forget to rinse with water afterwards, otherwise you will get stripes!
  • Mme Vangrunderbeeck, Sint-Katelijne-Waver
    I use Feem for 10 years already and I’m very satisfied with the result that I get with this product. Nothing can resist it: the dirty car rims, the greenish tint on the garden furniture, the grease in the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet, etc. (I don’t use it on non-painted wooden furniture). It’s a biodegradable product, gentle for the hands, not aggressive and almost odourless. You only need a little bit and I only use one product, it’s very economical.

    My tip: it’s even effective on clothes. I use it first on an invisible little piece of fabric, I dilute the product a bit and then I dab with a clean washing cloth (put the cloth on the fabric). You can even try to use it pure. Rinse well afterwards.
  • Diana Sterckx, Niel
    I got to know Feem at a market stand in Boom. I can’t actually think of any application I won’t use Feem for. I use it for literally everything. You can even use it on every surface. Not always diluted, but also pure as for example the damper, spring-cleaning, the ceiling. It doesn’t make sense to get different products in your cupboard if you can solve it with only 1. I sometimes use it on fabric, when I have a stain for example, I spray it on the stain and put it in the washing machine. It’s a huge advantage that you can use a canister for years, it’s really economical in use. Another advantage: I’m allergic to some products and not to Feem. And you don’t harm the environment. Other natural products may be eco-friendly; you don’t get everything clean with them. I really recommend Feem to everyone. My cleaning lady promotes the product to her other clients as well.
  • Mia Verboven, St. Katelijne Waver
    I got to know Feem from someone who bought it on the market in Duffel and didn’t use it. That’s been more than 10 years now but I'm still using it. A little bit in a bucket of water and it works very well for kitchen cupboards, fridges, deep fryers, baking trays, etc. When there are worse stains, I use it pure and let it absorb for a second. I use it to clean my car, the windows, sticky high chair, … Feem doesn’t have a strong smell and the cloths stay clean, the dirt is in the water.