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Feem fans talking

Listen to our clients

We recorded several sound clips of our satisfied customers, where they answer the following 4 questions:

  1. Why are you so satisfied with Feem?
  2. What do you mainly use the product for?
  3. What are Feem’s big advantages?
  4. Have you got some tips that you can give our other clients?

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Listen below to the testimonials and discover the many benefits that Feem Active Cleaner has to offer!

  • André De Velder, Buggenhout
    That’s no problem for me, you know how I think about Feem, don’t you? I would go through fire for Feem. I’m a very involved user. I’ll actually defend Feem till the end, because I would add it to my soup, so to speak. I really do everything with it and I don’t use any other products anymore. Feem is the solution for all the work I have to do. It’s a sustainable product and it’s not harmful for nature. The product is a bit more expensive than other products at first sight but that’s not really like that because you can use it for much longer. I do everything with it, even furniture, degreasing the coffee table and scrubbing afterwards, clothing, … You can’t sum up the things I use it for. I just use it for everything. I used to have a crystal chandelier and I bought expensive bottles to clean it. I didn’t find these bottles in the store anymore after a while and I tried using Feem and sprayed it on it. The dirt came right off and the chandelier shone as never before. I actually can’t tell you what I don’t use Feem for: for stains, red wine on the carpet, … You get everything out with it, that’s no problem. It’s a product I can’t compare to other products. My sun even calls me Ms Feem and has already asked me why I don’t work for Feem.

  • Christiane Vercaemer, Rollegem
    Everything that’s greasy like the damper, deep fryer, stains in the sink, … is gone in a minute. I spray it on it, take a wet cloth and the dirt is gone. That’s something I had never experienced before, such a good product. I’m not going to lie about that, it’s good merchandise. I use it on the damper, deep fryer, everything that’s greasy and it’s gone in no time. I used to work in a school in Rollegem and there was a big deep fryer in the kitchen that was very greasy. I said: ‘No problem, I’ll take Feem tomorrow afternoon.’ I’ve cleaned it twice and it was completely clean. It’s really good. I can recommend it to everyone. I’ve already given a 5 litres canister to my neighbour, who’s a dentist. She thought it was a very good product. I often tell other people about it and everyone is satisfied with it.

  • Daisy Thouet, Knokke-Heist
    Because you don’t need other products anymore and it’s good for everything, because I even use it in the washing machine. It degreases the whole drum of the machine; I’ve discovered that already and it’s awesome. You never have to use a lot, just a little cap. I use it for everything: bathroom, toilet, the floor, the doors, the kitchen, really everything. There is nothing you can’t use it for, even to clean the TV-screen. And the product degreases the windows very well as well, but you only need to add a little bit. It degreases the plastic windows very well. We’re definitely going to keep ordering Feem, there’s no doubt. The product is good for everything. I have given a bit to my friend already and she cleaned her car with it.

  • Etienne Vincke, Sint-Amandsberg
    I use Feem for everything and it doesn’t leave traces. On fridges, wooden doors, painted doors, … Everything I can’t get off with regular products, I use Feem for, it’s as easy as that. The biggest advantage for me is the result, it’s that simple. There’s not much more to say. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s the best!

  • Georgette Verhulst, Sint-Amandsberg
    Feem’s big advantage is that I can use it for almost everything. I’ve tried other products as well, but I bought Feem once and I use it for everything now. I even dare to clean stains of the dog and stains on the walls and you can get it all off. It’s best to use it diluted, with a cloth. Just spray it on and for the fridge as well. I use it for almost everything. When you say: ‘I use a degreaser’, that’s what I use it for. For example, we have a trailer and I always take my bottle of Feem with me. I clean it all with Feem, everything. Inside, outside, whoop! And it degreases very well. It’s better than any other degreaser. A while back I said to my husband: ‘My canister is almost empty’. I once bought 2 or 3 canisters at the same time. I got to know it through tv, the only thing I ever bought through teleshopping, all the other things are junk or misleading advertisement. I was extremely satisfied with Feem from the first moment. I believe I even bought large quantities through teleshopping twice. If it’s a good product, we want to cooperate to it, otherwise you would also know it fast.

  • Frank Mathijs, Kerksken
    Just because Feem is a fantastic product, it’s simple, you only need one product for everything. I can explain you why as well: I’m early on pension and my wife still works and that’s why I try to do as much of the household as possible (cleaning I mean). But I’m a man and I clean like a man. But that’s where Feem comes in, my partner in crime! And because I use Feem constantly I don’t have do a lot of effort while cleaning. It’s such a fantastic product, you spray it in, wet cloth and everything is clean. I use it for our 2 dog baskets, the countertops, the oven, deep fryer, nicotine of the PVC-doors, … With another product, it’s only clean on the surface, but you can see what comes of the PVC with Feem. It’s white PVC and it’s as popping as it used to be, because of Feem! One product, don’t use a lot, for everything. That’s Feem’s big advantage, there’s nothing more to that. It’s the product! Feem sells itself.

  • Guy Delforge, Wilrijk
    Because Feem is very degreasing, it removes nicotine, grease from the damper, … It’s a very good product for the kitchen cupboards, it’s awesome. I use it for the damper, in the kitchen, everything that’s greasy. I spray Feem on, let it absorb, go over it with a wet cloth, afterwards with a dry cloth and the grease is gone. I got the know it on the market and think it’s a very effective product. Especially for nicotine: when you smoke inside and you spray Feem on the cupboards, you just see it dripping of. Feem is the product, the rest is all marketing. Buy, don’t hesitate, buy, buy, buy!

  • Hilda Van Bogaert, Temse
    Because it’s good for everything, like the collar of a jacket, grease stain on a pants, … put some Feem on it and it’s gone. I use it for everything. My car’s wheels are dirty: just a bit of Feem, then some water and the dirt is all gone. I use it for the oven, the deep fryer, the windows and mirrors, … Actually, everything that needs to be degreased or just cleaned. You only need a little bit and it doesn’t smell when you clean your windows with it. I think it’s good for everything, you’ll never have stains anymore with Feem. When you have a stain on a woollen skirt: spray some Feem on it, wash it out and it’s clean. The same goes for a fabric couch, it’s cleaned in a jiffy. I use it for everything. It’s expensive in price, but because you only need a little bit, it’s actually very cheap. You absolutely get value for your money. Certainly when you buy a 5 litres canister, it’s very cheap! They sell it in a lot of stores and I would recommend it to everyone.

  • Kris Bal, Hoboken
    I’m so satisfied with Feem because you only need a bit of energy to get something really clean. Stains that don’t disappear with another product, go away with Feem when just whipping once. I use it for these things: degreasing the deep fryer, damper, but for example dirt or finger prints on white cupboards, doors, … as well. You can easily clean all of this with Feem. The big advantages: a little bit goes a long way; it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t burn your hands. In short, I think this is a miracle product. This product doesn’t need much energy to clean something in comparison with other products. It’s very easy. For example: some time ago, we had to clean the communal hall and white doors and this was done very fast because of Feem. I recommend it to everyone. A long time ago, my dad got to know it on the market; Afterwards I’ve bought large amounts of it through the website.

  • Magda Verbist, Deurne
    Because the results are fine, I think that’s the most important part. I don’t use it for everything, but when there’s dirt or stains I can’t get off, Feem always helps! You don’t need a lot of it and it solves most problems. Relatively speaking, the price is okay! A little bit goes a long way with the product. Make sure you’ve always got Feem at home. If I hadn’t been satisfied, I wouldn’t have done this.

  • Marcel Slots, Ronse
    I’m satisfied with Feem because I got to know it through an acquaintance and I got results that were even better than I would’ve ever hoped. I use it first and foremost for regular degreasing problems, but I use it for the metal filter of the damper as well, which the product degreases very well.

  • Martine Steurbaut, Nevele
    I think it’s a very good product. In comparison with a lot of other kinds of products, you can use it for so much more. You almost don’t need anything else than Feem and it almost does all the work by itself. When you use the product and you spray something with it or dissolves it in water, you almost don’t have to do anything anymore or rub it in, it all just dissolves. I use it to degrease my deep fryer and that goes very well. All degreasing jobs. It’s also very good to wash everything off: cupboards, furniture, … Nicotine stains or certain stains in the garage get right off. Spray a bit of Feem and it’s gone. That’s what I like to use it for. You don’t have to use a lot; it does its job on its own. Maybe a bit of a disadvantage is the fact that you have to rinse, but you have to do this with any other product as well. Feem isn’t corrosive and doesn’t harm nature, it’s biodegradable. Feem doesn’t leave stripes. When you do something with another product and you use Feem afterwards, you can still see dirt coming of. Switch to Feem and use it, instead of all the other products that are maybe a bit cheaper but from which you need so much more. You feel that most of those products are corrosive to your hands and you don’t get the same results you get with Feem. I would recommend Feem to everyone and I’ve done that already as well!

  • Nicole De Vrieze, Ninove
    Feem can be used for almost all tasks, for everything that’s dirty and greasy. Certainly when it’s very greasy like the top of kitchen cupboards or a stain, then I certainly use it and let it absorb. Feem doesn’t stain when you forget to rinse it. I use it for very many tasks, from the point I do something wrong. For example, to clean my reading glasses. First spray some Feem, then rinse under running water.

  • Paula Lodts, Edegem
    Because you can use it for everything. I use it daily, three times a day, for my cat, for the greasy pots, the stove, the sink, really for everything. You can really clean everything with one bottle, you don’t need 4 or 5 different products. Tip: Buy the product! My daughter uses it as well; she has even used it in her apartment in Spain. She takes Feem to Spain.

  • Peter De Schepper, Denderleeuw
    Feem just degreases very well. It’s a real miracle product for me. We are smokers and it’s ideal to clean for smokers. We even use it in the kitchen, a burned pan, just spray and let it absorb. For spring cleaning, dampers, … You don’t need a lot, just use it!

  • Willy Andries, Zemst
    Because it degreases everything so well. When you can’t get off something with other products, you can get off with Feem. We are very satisfied about it for years and also promote it with our friends. We give them a canister so they can order themselves. We are very happy about it. I use it to degrease the damper, the oven, the car rims, … I can certainly sum up ten other things, but most of the time I use it for the damper or stains. A stain on clothes I can’t get off with other products, I can get off with Feem. The product’s big advantage is that it isn’t expensive. In relation to what you can use it for, it’s not expensive at all. Other products you buy and aren’t actually worth anything, can cost a lot of money, that’s what makes Feem the cheapest product you can get. It lasts us a long time; we can use it a long time.

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