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Bring the sun into your house

Bring the sun into your house during spring cleaning

Are you already feeling the itch? Spring is about to arrive! Birds are singing, flowers are blossoming and the sun is starting to feel warmer... Your house has collected a great deal of dust during the winter months and your windows no longer appear to be crystal clear either. But there's no need to panic! With a clever approach and these simple tips, you can quickly enjoy the first rays of sunshine relaxing on a terrace. Spring is the ideal time for spring cleaning. So, let's get started! 


Let's start with the most important tip: make sure to prepare and plan properly! Don't try to do everything at once, because that's simply impossible. Just choose a new room to clean every day, so you won't have to spend a full day cleaning the whole house.


  1. Work from top to bottom
    As a general rule, it is preferable to work from top to bottom, both when cleaning a room and during general maintenance of the entire house. Start upstairs with the attic and finish with the basement, so you won't miss anything or get confused. Even though this may seem common sense, many people often forget it.
  2. First dry, then wet
    Start with dusting and vacuuming before you start to mop. This ensures that the dust that has fallen on the ground is completely removed.

Good to know:

  • Open the windows in the house to ensure good aeration and ventilation.
  • When dusting off, do not forget the lamps, light switches, sockets, skirting boards, door frames and handle.
  • Avoid washing the windows on a sunny day, because you're more likely to get streaks. 
  • Dispose of all the items that you do not intend to use anymore.
  • Clean the terrace for summer. You can use a high-pressure cleaner and a dash of Feem Active Cleaner for this purpose.


  • Clean the shower, bath, sink and tiles with soapy water.
  • Clean the mirrors using a 1/20 dilution of Feem Active Cleaner and water.
  • Clean and descale the toilet using Feem Active Cleaner and some cleaning vinegar.
  • Clean the drain as well.


  • Tidy up your wardrobe. Fold and hang everything properly and throw away the clothes that you don't wear anymore. Remove the dust from the inside and back of the wardrobe.
  • Vacuum the mattress on both sides.
  • Move your furniture and bed to clean behind and underneath them, because large amounts of dust often form there. Make sure not to forget the carpets.
  • Turn your mattress over, both horizontally and vertically. The underside becomes the top and the foot end becomes the headboard. This prevents sagging and keeps the mattress clean and fresh longer.
  • Wash the curtains. Put them in washing machine or bring them to the dry cleaner’s.


  • Tidy up the refrigerator and clean it thoroughly on both the inside and outside. Make sure to defrost the freezer and clean it as well.
  • Also clean all kitchen utensils: the oven, ventilation hood, dishwasher, stove, etc.
  • Empty all kitchen cupboards and clean the inside as well.
  • Descale all kitchen appliances.


  • Clean the carpets.
    Dust book cases and paintings.
    If you have a leather chair in your living room, then use Feem Active Cleaner to clean it and apply a leather cream to nourish it.

Feem Active Cleaner is your ideal partner for spring cleaning! Given Feem's infinite number of possible applications, it can be used on all materials and surfaces, making it indispensable to start your large spring cleaning!