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What is Feem Active Cleaner?

Feem Active Cleaner is a powerful cleaner with a triple action

Feem 500ml1. Degreasing

2. Cleaning

3. Removing stains

Due to its triple action, Feem Active Cleaner is truly a multi-purpose cleaner, which can be used on all washable and waterproof materials.

What is Feem?

  • All-round cleaning agent
  • Effective
  • Can be used for a variety of application

What can you use Feem for?

  • Removing the most stubborn dirt
  • General maintenance of your precious materials

It’s a powerful cleaning agent that gets its high pH level from a unique production process without need for lye’s strong chemical basis and the dangers that are associated with it.

Feem Active Cleaner is also suitable for the hygienic cleansing of surfaces that come into contact with food. It doesn’t contain any perfume or colouring agents and can be used in the food industry.

The concentrated formula allows it to be used in a pure or diluted form and allows for economical use. Our product is not aggressive to the skin. The only thing Feem Active Cleaner doesn’t do, is descaling.

Download our instruction manual here and discover all different uses with the corresponding information for easier cleaning. 

Let's go to work now and enjoy a clean house!