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Feem is customized to your needs

4 packages, adjusted to your use

Every day, we open all kinds of different packages: biscuits, plastic bottles, other food products, but also cleaning products. This huge amount of waste is very bad for the environment. Therefore, we think we all need to keep that in mind and make an effort.

Our view: ‘It’s unnecessary to have many different kinds of cleaning products in your home.

Feem Active Cleaner allows you to solve all cleaning issues with one product, thus eliminating the need for dozens of products in your cupboard. It’s a concentrated product that only requires a small amount. What’s more, the smaller containers can be refilled repeatedly.

Feem Active Cleaner is also available in larger containers, which reduces the need for packaging material. There are 4 different container types available:


You can also get an extra empty spray bottle for refilling. The convenient taps on the 5- and 20-litre canisters make refilling very simple. That way, there’s a container that fits every need.

We recommend using Feem Active Cleaner’s value packs as often as possible. Not only are they cheaper, they’re also better for the environment. And what’s more important, the product doesn’t expire for many years and retains its efficacy.

Discover our respect for the environment here.